Yeah…red meat, boo….no avocado

After feeling heavy from yesterday’s lunch, snacks and dinner, I thought it was time to reconsider my diet. It’s true, my diet is a constant obsession and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, I was fat as a kid; always on diets with mum, very self conscious about my weight. Secondly, I am a yoga teacher and feel that I need to look or perhaps not to look a particular way. Thirdly, and most importantly, I simply feel better, physically, emotionally and mentally when I fuel my body well. My taste buds are happy with the natural sweetness of fruit rather than lollies or ice-cream. I hate the feeling of heaviness in my belly and who likes bloating, (certainly no woman I know). When I eat well, which I do the majority of the time, I simply feel better on all levels. You know what they say – you are what you eat.

I am, on the whole, happy with my weight, my body image is as good as can be expected being a western woman and alive. I am less happy with the condition of my skin. Suffering from psoriasis, I am hoping a change in diet will have a positive effect on my scaly, red and often itchy skin. I would also love a little more ‘zip’ and ‘zing’ in my energy levels. I know that getting more hours of sleep under the belt would help, but even considering this, I think more body could and should feel better. I have tried many different eating plans which focus on lean proteins and ‘good’ carbs in the forms of vegetables and fruits. I eat loads of salads, seeds, nuts and very little processed or fried foods. My diet is generally pretty good. I have decided to try the blood group diet. Being type O positive, this means for me a few changes, some good, others not so. In nutshell, the good : red meat is OK, in fact beneficial. Yummmmmm. My body craves and loves red meat. It sits so well in my body, I know this is right for me. Yes I know, a meat eating yogi, what of it. I thank and respect the beautiful animal who has given its life for my nourishment. Tomatoes are also OK, a previously self banned food as I believed it was not good for my skin. We shall see. Chocolate is also OK. Now for the bad: no avocado 😦 yoghurt 😦 lentils 😦 cows milk 😦

I am going to give it a go for a few months and see how I feel.

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