Yoga asana for 29th November

Wide leg forward bend – from standing. Hands on hips then to floor.
Warrior 1 – external rotation, then step back as bent front leg. ‘I surrender’ arms.
Warrior 2 – check knee over ankle, or release a little and engage abductors. Lift arms to be inline with hips.
warrior 3 – step fwd. Hands on hips. Hinge fwd.
b) engage abductors for pelvic stability
janu sirsasana – leg straight out from hip. Connect with inside line of leg to pelvic floor.
wide leg forward bend – upavista konasana. Soften knees if inside or backline of legs is too tight. Feel pelvis rolling over femur bones.
vajrasana – shoulder shrug with breath
toes under
buddha prostate
baby cobra
parsvottanasana – step forward. Fold forward with spine in tadasana.
b) with arms behind.
Marichyasana – bend leg and place foot as close as spine stays in tadasana. Bring hand over knee and pull against knee, knee into hand.

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