Bhava Yoga Teacher Training Program 2012

We are now accepting registrations for the 2012 Bhava Yoga Teacher Training program.


Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre is a self contained Yoga Centre nestled in the Warrandyte Valley. It has been open since 1986, and offers a full program of Yoga and Dance classes to Adults and Children. Our Teacher Training Course has produced many graduates who have moved out into the community and established themselves as Yoga teachers (myself included). We also have a percentage of trainees in the program who enroll to further their study of Yoga or to embark on a deeper personal journey.


The Centre itself is a beautiful and peaceful learning environment. Trainees take part in normal classes (day or night available) on our regular timetable gaining a unique opportunity to observe experienced teachers in action, and to practice their Yoga skills. They may participate in as many classes as they wish as part of the program. The class costs are included in their fees, as are 13 full day Intensives centred on the Yoga Teaching Method itself.

The Bhava Teacher Training Course is fully recognised by Yoga Australia which requires 300 hours of training over a 12 month period for a teaching qualification.

For more information, contact:

Gaye Boswell

Co Director of Bhava Yoga

0413 939 530

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