Peninsula retreat – the afterglow

I would like to thank the eight wonderful woman who attended my recent Peninsula Yoga and Wellness retreat. We stayed in a wonderful house overlooking the bay, just minutes walk to the front beach. The weather was mild and the pace for the weekend, low key and relaxed.

We began each morning with pranayama and sun salutations then concluded the sessions with works of inspiration that conveyed feelings of gratitude and awareness.

There was a guided antar mouna (Inner Silence) meditation on the beach which was truly divine. A gentle rain fell on our upturned faces as we opened our hearts and minds to whatever the day would bring, in Prana Mudra.  Our OM chanting caused a passing dog to stop and look, though he/she kept a respectful distance from our group.


Our afternoon sessions explored kriya practices and sound, with a session on hip openers and restorative postures.


We enjoyed home cooked leftovers (from the previous evening meal) for lunch and most enjoyed a lazy afternoon nap before heading to the Peninsula Hot Springs for an evening meal and private bathing.

On the last morning we went back to the hot springs for a traditional turkish bath in the Hamam. What an amazing experience! We OM’d, exfoliated, massaged and generally nurtured each other. I highly recommend the experience – it was bliss.

To be away from our usual routine and daily demands can help to create a shift in priorities and allow us to enter back into our lives with a new sense of ourselves and who we want to be. Time away –  just for ourselves is so important or we become depleted and sometimes resentful. A retreat helps us to fill ourselves up so that when we give, we give from our overflow. See if you can think of other things that fill you up (time in the garden, a walk in nature, time at the beach) and bring a little more into your life. Remember giving to yourself, benefits all those around you.

Some testimonials from the weekend :

I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting a lovely weekend. You are right, not often enough do we give ourselves permission to take time out and re-connect. Because of the retreat last weekend I realised how important this is and hope to be able to learn from this and do it more often! I had a wonderful time and came ‘back to reality’ feeling much more centred, calm and re-energised. I hope to be able to go on another one of your retreats in the future!     ~ Sarah

Took me a while to get back into the swing of reality! I had such a beautiful weekend, thank you again for your time, love and peaceful energy.
I absolutely loved our sitting on the beach. I also loved how we focussed on one mantra too which we were able to take away with us.  ~ Marie-Claire
Thanks so much Gaye, for the beautiful retreats you create. You seem so at ease in what could be a stressful position and I wonder how you do it. Maybe it’s part of your practice. Whatever, it works really well with you at the helm. You create a beautiful space for us to come to and be in and share in. You’re an exceptionally beautiful person to be around. That’s why it works so well.   ~ Kristen

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