The Spirit of Christmas

When we consider the celebration of Christmas, really, it is mostly for the   children; perhaps our own children, or the child within. The custom of giving gifts, filling stockings and distribution of sweets, originated by a man named Saint Claus who came from Scandinavia which is very cold and dark in December. He devised a plan to bring joy and light to the small children on the eve of the Lord’s birth.  He delivered sweets and gifts, which he left in their shoes so that when they woke up in the morning and went outside, they would find these gifts on Christmas day.

For me the spirit of Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. Sometimes we cannot physically be with them all. Perhaps it’s a phone call, a card, a passing thought or memory. It is also a time we remember the loss of our loved ones.

During the Christmas season we can focus on generating gifts from the heart such as forgiveness, understanding, gratitude and grace. A time to consider those less fortunate.

Can we allow life and Christmas to simply unfold as it unfolds; without getting attached to wanting a particular present or preparing the perfect dinner. To live in the world and all the experiences it offers and recognise our experiences are transient and unpredictable. Allow yourself to let go of any expectation so you can truly be present to what is.

Last week in my yoga classes I read the wonderful story “Twas the night before Christmas”  as part of relaxation in savasana. It is a wonderful, poetic story that engages the imagination and opens us to the joy of magic.

I wish you all a joyous Christmas and and may the year ahead being you success, happiness and peace.

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