It’s hard to say goodbye

After more than 9 years of getting up early on a Saturday morning to teach yoga, I have recently said goodbye to my wonderful weekend classes. The decision did not come easily: I LOVE these guys. My Saturday morning ladies are dedicated, open minded yogis; willing to explore the yoga in all its forms; asana, pranayama, meditation, creative visualisation and chanting.

Over the years I have become quite protective of this group and when on holidays, will think of them and hope they enjoy and learn from the teacher I have organised in my absence. We have grown together: the student learning from the teacher, the teacher learning from the student.

As a teacher there is nothing more rewarding then knowing the message you most wanted to convey has not only been heard but also understood and integrated.  I encourage the idea of “Less is More’ and finding the balance between ease and effort. “The yoga is not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. How does your body feel, the quality of your breath and your state of mind”.

This year I have decided to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy. I have been interested in this course for many years and now the time feels right.  I know I will grow as a teacher and look forward to integrating my new knowledge into many aspects of my life. My thirst for knowledge is at its peak and it seems the more I know about this amazing body and mind we humans have, the more I want to know.

Onward and upward……

My wonderfully dedicated students at Mitcham

3 thoughts on “It’s hard to say goodbye

  1. Hi Gaye, I love your blog. You are so inspiring … and inspired, it seems. So wish I was going to your Retreat in July but stuff has happened that is a priority… and exciting also.
    I am writing to ask permission to re share a poem you posted, maybe 6 months ago, by Roger Keyes. ‘Hokusai says’. I have saved it to my ‘Important articles’ folder and re read it today. Alas, perfect timing! I will add your blog site in appreciation.
    Enjoy your new study
    Gabriella (a past student at Bhava)

    ps I have since found an Iyenga yoga class in Eltham that includes the strength work we discussed..

    1. shichitenhakki

      So lovely to hear from you. I am pleased you have found a class that suits your needs. Of course, please re share the poem with love.


  2. Su orland

    Why only you have a glass of champagne ?
    Why no mine in the pic ? I ‘am just kidding hope next time I’ll be in the picture too
    Thank you Gaye for all your kindness
    See you on Thursday
    Best regard

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