Sangha: a spiritual community

Sangha is a word in Sanskrit that can be translated roughly as “association” or “assembly,” “company” or “community” with common goal, vision or purpose.

When we come together in Sangha, there are wonderful opportunities for sharing, learning and growth.
Last weekend saw the end of one such group for me and the beginning of another. It was with some sadness that I said goodbye to all involved in my Yoga therapy training (it was the last day of a 12 month course): such an inspiring, generous and gifted group of teachers.  Then the following day, we welcomed nine enthusiastic students to Bhava (our yoga centre) and the teacher training program. What a wonderfully open group of people they are, willing to share something of themselves with the group and so ready and eager to learn.
In an article by Rethink Yoga, the author says….. “I have been blessed to find a similar like-mindedness within the yoga community – with students, teachers, and practitioners.  When you feel that you are with people who “get” you and are heading in the same direction you are, there is a sense of safety that allows you to experiment and press against your boundaries. Through the process of testing limits, from within an environment of trust, you can grow with joy instead of fear”.
My sangha at Bhava has supported me through my yoga journey and personal unfolding, but it has been more than this. It has held my hand and wiped away tears through my personal ups and downs too: the illness of my dad, husband and sister and then the death of my dad, the dramas of teenage children and the joys of success. I am truly blessed.

I share with you another poem from yogi Danna Faulds. Her words of wisdom are evocative and touch me deeply.

Teach me what I cannot learn alone. Let us share what we know, and what we cannot fathom. Speak to me of mysteries, and let us never lie to one another.

May our fierce and tender longing fuel the fire in our souls. When we stand side by side, let us dare to focus our desire on the truth. May we be reminders, each for the other, that the path of transformation passes through the flames.

To take one step is courageous; to stay on the path day after day, choosing the unknown, and facing yet another fear, that is nothing short of grace.


2 thoughts on “Sangha: a spiritual community

  1. Marjo Chambers

    What a generous sharing of your experiences and feelings, Gaye. I feel connected and supported in the Spirit of Divine Wisdom and will share the poem with other friends. Thank you. Marjo

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