Stress & Anxiety Sequence # 1

When we experience stress related tension in the body, it is so beneficial to move some of the larger muscles to help utilise the chemicals held within the body and relieve aches, pains and stillness. When we also move with awareness of the breath, this focus helps to quiet and still a busy mind.


3 thoughts on “Stress & Anxiety Sequence # 1

  1. Marjo Chambers

    Thank you for all you so generously send us, Gaye. Of course the best way to show gratitude will be to actually put it into practice which I could do more often! Warmly, Marjo

  2. Tanya

    Thank you for this sequence Gabrielle. I did both of them this morning and as I am in the midst of a really bad fybromyalgia attack, I was able to escape the pain for a while. These will definitely become part of my home practice routine.

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