Creating Space

Life has a wonderful way of reminding us about what’s important.

About a month ago a number of unexpected events occurred in my life, one after the other, in fact all within a week; and these were pretty big ones including death of a family member and moving house. I was propelled from a place of stability and ease to uncertainty and worry. My mind was constantly busy; I felt disconnected from my heart and the effortless rhythm of life. In the midst of organising, arranging and DOING, I forgot to make time for BEING. A few weeks later, I remember walking my dog down by the river (something I do everyday) and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace. I took in the trees and the sky, the gentle breeze, the smells, everything;  I breathed in life and it was good. I realised two things in that moment; firstly, how disconnected I had become in the busyness of life and secondly, that without the busyness, I would not know the absolute joy of peace.  Life my friends, is to be experienced in all its facets; the busy and quiet times, the joy and sadness.

IMG_4446Yoga is my ground; it brings me back to my centre over and over again. When life is crazy, it helps me surf the waves of emotions and find a place of ground and stability, a place where I can reconnect to what’s important, to what is real. In  yoga, I find myself and the awareness that is cultivated within the practice is with you in every moment. This, in my opinion, is the real gift of yoga.

This recording is about finding space, taking time to acknowledge what has been and connecting inwardly to feel what comes next. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Creating Space

  1. Hi Gabrielle, Just wanted to let you know I really get what you have said. Having a dog or in my case 2, is a blessing as it does make you walk them and in doing so returns you back to nature and the moment. I also listened to your relaxation it was a 10 out of 10 and I dont say that lightly. My only hope is that I can be as good as you!
    PS would love you to visit my website Being a breast cancer surviver has changed my ways but I am still trying to help other women by making sure they fully understand the best breast screening available. I also tell my story and have started a petition to make Breast MRis more available to all women. Would love you to sign it an pass on.

    1. buddhimind

      Thanks Paula. Appreciate you taking the time to comment and share the post. Will definitely check out your website and pass on this important message.

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