Out of the fog

Five months ago today I said goodbye to a dear friend: my beloved dog, Buffy. It was an excruciatingly decision to have her put down; she was in pain, stumbling and had not eaten or taken any water for 2 days. My beautiful sweet girl was 14 years old and it was time for her to rest.


From that moment on, everything changed: I couldn’t bear to walk along the river without her, coming home to any empty house was avoided, the end of my bed was cold and I couldn’t face my morning meditation practice. Something I did notice through the grief, was my ability to meet the moment as it was. I didn’t suppress the tears, the ache in my heart – I opened to it all. Through my training and practice in meditation (especially iRest meditation), I had learned to meet the moment as it arises, to not deny or suppress what is present, even when difficult or painful.

What I noticed (even though my daily meditation had slipped) was that the 2 years I had put into establishing my practice had provided me with the necessary tools to navigate this time with presence and grace. As we learn to meet what arises, welcoming life as it is, rather than how we would like it to be, be can move more easily through emotions rather than getting “stuck”. When we truly meet and sit with whatever is present, we experience the transitory nature of our thoughts, emotions and of life itself. iRest meditation, has provided me with the tools to navigate the ups and down of life with more grace, acceptance and ease.

Through the commitment to a  regular practice over time, we can establish the inner resources that help us navigate the most challenging of circumstances. I have found this to be true time and time again.

We have adopted two rescue dogs, Boz and Bindi, 10 year old Whippets and they bring us so much joy. I am feeling more myself each day and look forward to re-establishing my meditation practice in the near future.

I welcome my commitment to practice  (abhyasa) AND the time to let it go (vairagya). It’s the ebb and flow of life. I trust in the process, I trust in life.

Photo on 5-2-17 at 7.17 pm.jpg


2 thoughts on “Out of the fog

  1. Lucie Starlight

    I know the pain of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words. So wonderful that you can bring love and a happy home to the lovely rescue pups.

    1. Buddhimind

      Thanks for taking the time to write Lucie. Pet rescue is not all smooth sailing but very rewarding. These dogs can enjoy a wonderful retirement with our family.

      With love,


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