Why I teach yoga

I remember the exact moment that I decided to become a yoga teacher;  it was late 2001. My boys were then 3 and 5 years old, both attending pre school. I had more time on my hands and was wondering how to fill it. Having left a full time job in life insurance to be at home with my boys, I did not want to return to an office environment. I was attending a wonderful yoga class weekly at the Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre which was close and worked in with the time both boys were at kindergarten.

Initially I thought the class was not physical enough, having come from an Iyengar background. The postures were gentle and there was a strong focus on visualisation and meditation. After a few weeks though, I was hooked. The classes were transforming; I began to discover the depth of yoga, the moments of stillness, of breath, of ME. It was wonderful.

It was late in the same year, that I received a newsletter from the yoga centre. There was an article about their upcoming Teacher Training program. Time stood still. I remember looking dreamily out the window wondering if this was for me. The timing was perfect; I was looking for direction and this seemed to fit.  It was a wonderful opportunity to both deepen my own yoga knowledge and experience and to embark on a new career, one that could really work well with a young family.  The decision was made and I enrolled for the next year.

It was perfect; imagine studying, practicing and then working in a field that you love. A job that has flexible hours and brings something positive into other peoples lives. I remember thinking, if I can help just one person feel the way I feel when I attend my weekly class, it will be worthwhile. Yoga is like that, it changes you in so many ways. It starts in class, then permeates all aspects of your life. You experience a deeper connection to yourself and others. It is so much more than a physical practice. For me, the key difference is that Yoga is a practice of Awareness. One of my teachers at Bhava, Nola Day used to say ,YOGA is Your Own Growing Awareness.

The teacher training course at Bhava was more than I could have hoped for. It was a year of learning, exploration and integration. I have now been teaching yoga since mid 2002 and my greatest joy is sharing my passion of yoga with others. I also run workshops and retreats and have recently become co-owner of Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre.

The Bhava Yoga Teacher Training program for 2012, begins in early February. I am thrilled to be co-teaching with founder Lyn Colenso and co-owner, Wendy Bradtke. For me personally, this is full circle. It will be 10 years ago that I was beginning this journey that I will now help guide others through. It is such a privilege.

Pictures from Autumn retreat 2011

There are limited places available in the Teacher Training program. If you feel this may be your path, whether to deepen your knowledge and experience in yoga or to share your love with others as a teacher, I would love to hear from you.

Contact : Gaye Boswell  Co-Director/Owner

Phone: 0413 939 530

email: bhavacentre@gmail.com

In practice, I find patience and peace

Bhava Yoga Teacher Training Program 2012

We are now accepting registrations for the 2012 Bhava Yoga Teacher Training program.


Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre is a self contained Yoga Centre nestled in the Warrandyte Valley. It has been open since 1986, and offers a full program of Yoga and Dance classes to Adults and Children. Our Teacher Training Course has produced many graduates who have moved out into the community and established themselves as Yoga teachers (myself included). We also have a percentage of trainees in the program who enroll to further their study of Yoga or to embark on a deeper personal journey.


The Centre itself is a beautiful and peaceful learning environment. Trainees take part in normal classes (day or night available) on our regular timetable gaining a unique opportunity to observe experienced teachers in action, and to practice their Yoga skills. They may participate in as many classes as they wish as part of the program. The class costs are included in their fees, as are 13 full day Intensives centred on the Yoga Teaching Method itself.

The Bhava Teacher Training Course is fully recognised by Yoga Australia which requires 300 hours of training over a 12 month period for a teaching qualification.

For more information, contact:

Gaye Boswell

Co Director of Bhava Yoga

0413 939 530