Oasis of Stillness

I recently attended a wonderful restorative workshop with yoga teacher and friend Ingrid Jolley. At some point in the session, while resting in a beautiful heart opening posture she led a guided visualisation of a lake with the group. Inspired by this meditation, I decided to share it in my own yoga classes over the past week and have recorded it to share here as well. I have naturally used my own words and included some pranayama as well. Enjoy!

lake reflection


Mountain to the sky

This guided relaxation was inspired by a recent retreat at Mt. Buller, a truly beautiful place in spring.

We explore –

the mountain, a symbol of the earth and stability,eagle, water, sun

the water that runs at the base of the mountain,

the fire of the sun that warms the earth and sparkles on the water’s surface

the bird that glides on the warm air currents and

the space of the infinite blue sky.