Degrees of separation

This spring/summer I have decided to reduce the degrees of separation between the food I eat and it’s origin. Here is my plan –

1. I have bought a couple of wooden raised garden beds (1.4 metre square) and will plant some staples: lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomato, capsicum, coriander, beetroot, basil, oregano and rocket.  I plan to get busy next Sunday setting up the vegetable garden and buying the seedlings.

2. Go to farmers markets to source fresh, local produce that I don’t have in my garden.

3. Google some great recipes that includes the wonderful seasonal produce I have available.

About 3 weeks ago, I planted a few varieties of lettuce in an old wok of nanas. Here’s some I picked for dinner.

This is new territory for me, so wish me luck. I welcome any suggestions or advice from those more experienced in this area.

As an aside, as part of my Yoga Therapy certification, we were discussing nutrition last weekend. When you look up the definition of nutrition you will find a reference to food , you will also find this:

nutrition:that which nourishes“…..Webster Dictionary 1828 and “the act or process of nourishing“…Collins English Dictionary.

I think for most of us, when we consider nutrition we think FOOD. Yes, food does nourish us, but so do many other things. Consider the affect of these ‘primary foods’ – Love, hugs, touch, kisses, warmth, massage, meditation, fun, freedom, self-expression, tears, hot baths, nature, downtime, close friends, and play . These all feed our souls and our hunger for living (according to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition).

I look forward to nourishing my body, mind and spirit with loads of ‘primary food’ and wonderful prana rich food from my own garden and local farmers.

I am grateful for all the gifts that come my way.

With love



An inspiration to me

Over the weekend I have been enjoying reading articles from Elena Brower’s website , Art of Attention. Elena is a much loved and respected yoga teacher in New York who explores the depths of herself and encourages others to do the same. At a time where I am seeking mentors, her words are timely and inspiring. Much of what she is exploring sits true in my heart and I want to share and spread the love.

Love can be expressed and experienced in many ways. This week I choose to hold love in the form of KINDNESS.

If you are interested in Elena’s website, here is the link  : The Art of Attention


Happy exploring,

The art of giving and receiving, yoga style

Click the image above to read article.

This is a wonderful story on being open to receive from others and willing to give, yoga style. Our power to change, to transform is unlimited.

This story reminds me of another I recently read on a meditation where you look around the room, taking a mental photo of all those sharing this experience. You then close your eyes and  focus on your breath. After several rounds, you are invited to bring to mind someone you love and then to imagine that all in the room have transformed and have the face of your loved one.

The room is filled by loved ones, imagine how nice the world would be if everyone was this nice, this loving, this kind.

Enjoy your day and these stories that invite us to open our hearts to all equally.