Silence is golden

At a time when life just seems to be getting busier and busier, it may be worth considering stepping out of the madness for a few days and entering into a place of quiet. I have decided that this December I am going to enjoy a 3 day silent retreat. The space will be created and held by Prem from Sacred Earth. I have been fortunate, having spent time with Prem before in devotional singing and it is a wonderful, uplifting experience. She is a beautiful soul with a magnificent voice and a generous heart.

More info : Sacred_Earth_Retreats_-_Music_For_Inner_Peace.html




Give from the overflow

I have recently returned from a wonderful weekend away. It was organised through Yoga Australia, who welcomed members and non members alike. We shared beautiful food (vegan and gluten free), though I did miss the honey in my chai and a morning coffee. It was wonderful to meet with like minded people; to explore new ideas and share our experiences. The highlight for me was our kirtan with Sacred Earth. Through mantra in songs of devotion, accompanied by the harmonium and acoustic guitar, we explored the sounds of our hearts and minds. I found a deep sense of peace and belonging: a sense of community. Those feelings are still with me today, some five days later.

We also discussed the importance of looking after yourself as a teacher, one who gives to others. A recurring theme was this : “We need to fill ourselves up, so we can give from the overflow”. I was reminded of the importance of active relaxation – walking, gardening and other leisure activities that fill you up.

The experiences of the weekend have filled me to overflowing, a gift I am grateful for. I feel blessed to share my love of yoga with all.

Hari Om