Beads of Light

chakras i am

I love working with the chakra colours. In this relaxation/meditation, I have weaved the colours and an affirmation associated with the 7 main chakras into a creative visualisation. You could practice this in savasana (lying on the floor) or seated upright. Ensure your body is supported and comfortable to allow for a deeper experience to unfold. When we support our body in meditation, our energy and attention is drawn away from the physical layer, opening to higher levels of consciousness and a spacious enquiry.

You may choose to rest in stillness and silence after the guided relaxation, allowing your attention to open to all that is inside and around you. Let your focus be relaxed and open, aware of everything but nothing specific. As your attention is drawn to and lingers on a specific thought, sensation, emotion, sound, memory or image, open your attention out – be expansive and spacious.

As the energy of Spring draws us out into the world with new projects, time in the garden, clearing out cupboards and drawers and generally being more active, remember to also cultivate the inner “garden” through relaxation, meditation and other mindfulness practices.

Feast your eyes

I love this poem by Marjorie Pizer; just perfect for a Spring class.

Feast your eyes on the tops of the trees.

Drink in the dark greenness of the tall gums,

Walk on the firm ground with bare feet 

And absorb the stuff of the earth into your bare soles.

Take branches into your hands,

Feel the leaves with your face

And take in the inner growing of the tree.

Lie close on the leaves of grass

And let them caress your body.

Take the hot sun into your soul

And let the whole sky sweep into your mind.

Give yourself back to the living earth

And the earth will give itself back to you

In unmeasured and unbounded pleasure.

It is in the simple pleasures that one finds the deepest sense of peace and beauty.