Random Acts of Kindness – Pass it on

When we take time to reflect on our thoughts and actions we can learn much about how we interact in the world around us and how the world interacts with us.

Recently I realised some interesting things about myself…….

About 6 months ago, a woman I had only met a few times came to my door with a book I had mentioned on Facebook I would really like to read. She arrived with the book and a single yellow rose beautifully bound in a cream ribbon. Inside the book was a Ripple Kindness Card; on the front of the card are the words “PASS IT ON” and on the back it says,  “Someone has touched your life with kindness. Please put a smile on another face by paying it forward”. I loved both the gesture and the idea and ordered some cards myself through this Sydney based company – http://ripplekindness.org/

ripple kindness card

Over the next few months I would occasionally leave a card at my favourite cafes; I would order a decaffeinated coffee, pay for two and leave a Ripple Kindness Card for the next person who came in and ordered the same. Only once have I still been around when the card was played forward and I was keen to move on and hoped they didn’t know it was me. 

About a month ago I decided to leave a gold coin in a small zipped pocket in my handbag so I had change for a trolley when grocery shopping. I was pretty pleased with myself as I rarely have the right money and knew this would make my shopping experience much easier.  A week later after I had finished my shopping and replaced the trolley, I decided to Pay it Forward. I went back to the trolley bay, placed $2 coin in the front trolley and left a Ripple Kindness Card alongside the coin. On this particular day, I had a bit of time on my hands and decided to hang around and see what happened. Yep, that was a big mistake!

Before long I would see this play out and was a little excited. It only took a minute before the trolley guy came over and popped both the $2 coin and the card in his top pocket. I was so disappointed; how dare he ruin my surprise.

It wasn’t long before I realised that my feeling of disappointment was predominately directed at myself. Why did I need to stick around to see my plan play out? I wasn’t giving freely, but was attached to the outcome. Perhaps the trolley guy needed that money?  Maybe he would pay it forward. 


I do believe that everything is as it should be; that we are, who we are, as a sum of all our experiences. I have learned many things from this about myself: to give without expectation or attachment to outcome, to trust in life and to be gentle to myself and others.

Life has many lessons for us if we are open, willing and ready to receive. I say, bring it on !

In the words of Maya Angelou; “If you get, give. If you learn, teach”. 


What kids need

As a mother of two teenage boys, I found these words comforting, wise and timely. As they continue to push their boundaries, explore and re-invent themselves, we need to give them the space to do so safely within a loving and supportive environment. I have heard said of teenagers, they should wear a sign saying “Closed for Renovation”. Let’s give them plenty of room and time to try things out and find out who they want to be for themselves and the world around them
What kids need instead of being told what to think, is lots of information about themselves & the world around them, and the opportunity to make lots of decisions, including some less-than-wise ones. As long as their decisions are not life threatening, morally threatening, or unhealthy, let their choices be their own to grow with and learn from.
Self trust is one of the first steps toward becoming a responsible, resourceful, resilient human being… Character builds slowly, but it can be torn down with incredible swiftness. Children don’t need many no’s, any mini lectures, unnecessary questions, empty threats, ultimatums, put downs, warnings, or dictates. What they do need is support, explanations, encouragement, opportunities to be responsible, and invitations to think for themselves’.
~Barbara Colorosso  

Following my intuition

Well last Wednesday I ran my first one on one yoga session. It was with someone who knows and trusts me – a student and a friend. Having experienced some ‘hands on’ gentle adjustments in class, she approached me for a one on one session. I was really excited as I have been trying to get these type of sessions up and running for about a year now. I have wanted to offer a unique and very personal experience – an immersion into that which I love : yoga. I have recently dabbled in some thai yoga massage (attended several workshops and practiced on my boys) so wanted to included this element in my session. I designed a session based on what I felt was right for Melissa, guided intuitively. The session was very hands on; up front and personal. She described it as surprising, intimate and relaxing. The best part was a phone call I received from her today. She felt amazing after the session and for several days after. She said she felt ‘clean’ and having received bodywork before, was surprised and totally trilled with the results. She felt more aware of her body, more spacious and wants to book in for a monthly top up. I trusted that my experience and knowledge, coupled with my intent would provide a positive experience. Thanks to my client’s openness and trust – it memorable for us both.