Managing Stress & Anxiety Workshop

Saturday 29 July, 1:00 – 4:30pm

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Explore ways to reduce feelings of stress throughout the day or night using breath work, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.




Explored in this workshop –

~ gentle movement and restorative postures
~ pranayama (breathing practises)
~ deep relaxation (including iRest yoga nidra)
~ video and audio recordings for home practice
~ meditations
~ recommendations for daily rhythm & balance

~ guidelines for establishing a daily home practice


Cost: $50

Where: Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre, 5a West End Rd, Warrandyte

For bookings, email


“Thank you for an enjoyable morning.  You gave some very practical and constructive techniques that I can use on a day to day basis.  I would recommend this session to anyone as it contains some great life skills”. …Michelle Yoga teacher training student 2016


One thought on “Managing Stress & Anxiety Workshop

  1. Funny. 😄 I nearly sent a reply to say I’d love to do this workshop (‘cos I would), them I realised I’m doing a wedding in Beaufort at almost the exact same time. I know I’m a Gemini, but don’t think my twins can perform this magic, so I’ll have to miss this one. 😔

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