Restorative Yoga Workshops

Join me for an afternoon of restorative yoga followed by a deeply restful yoga nidra.

As a tool for self-transformation, restorative yoga facilitates the integration of all the layers of life—environmental, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual—culminating in the goal of all goals, awakening to your own divine nature.

With use of props and the prolonged holding of a few simple poses you can achieve a deep level of relaxation. The overall calming effect on the nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone for the class that comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level.

The subdued quality of a restorative yoga class often helps you draw attention inward and away from external events and situations of the world. With your awareness directed within, the practice becomes a sanctuary for the mind and spirit from which you can take a deeper look at who you are, what you want, and how you can serve the world. Restorative yoga opens us up to new levels of self-exploration and contemplation, allowing your inner being to shine forth.

Places are limited to 10 participants so bookings are essential.

Planned Dates (first half of 2017)

1 April, Saturday 12-2pm

12 May, Friday 7-9pm 

17 June, Saturday 12-2pm

22 July , Saturday 12-2pm

Where: Bhava Yoga & Dance Centre, 5a West End rd Warrandyte

Cost: $35